VMT Berry Calling Card

Download: VMT Berry 2.1.2 Open link from your blackberry phone

WARNING: Do not use the green dialing key unless specifically directed to do so by this guide.

Using the BlackBerry Phone Book
1. On the Phone Book highlight a contact name.
2. Press the BlackBerry Key to view the full command menu and select VMT Berry Call.
3. From the popup window highlight the desired contact phone number and click the track ball to call.

Using the BlackBerry Phone Logs
1. From the Phone Logs highlight a phone log entry or type in the desired destination number.
2. Press the BlackBerry key to pop up the full command menu and select VMT Berry Call.

Aditional Info

When traveling into a diffrent area (e.g: from Toronto to Montreal), simply start the VMT Berry application highlight Calling Card # field and click the track ball or use the space key to select the settings for a diffrent area. Use the save command to save the settings.

When using the VMT Berry Call command upon a phone call log, the application tries to match the current calling card number in use against the selected number. In case it matches, the aplication blocks and advises in favor of the regular Call command. This measure is necessary since dialing a preprocessed call may result in unexpected behavior.